We are the descendants of TEJUOSHO ADABONYIN


Orile Kemta is Located in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun state, some 35 kilometers from Abeokuta Township, and few miles from Olugbo a central market created as meeting point for farmers and villagers in the olden days a section of Egba Ake, one of the 5 (five) Pillars of Ake section of Abeokuta.


Royal Majesty. Ambassador Adetokunbo Okikiola Gbadegeshin Tejuosho


Orile Kemta consists of many villages and towns spanning over several expanses of land with the population of over a 100,000 people we are agrarian known to be major in cassava, cocoa, pepper and kola plantation. ADABONYIN TEJUOSHO was the one who founded Kemta he was a warrior he migrated from Ile Ife in 1814, passed through ijebu and eventually settled here and founded Tejuosho village in 1824. Adabonyin was so powerful that Whenever he is going to war or on a long journey, he drops his original head at home in a pot of water with instructions to his wives that they must be watching over it and his little oil lamp until he returns, throughout his journey or during any war, he is so powerful that he appears like anybody with different heads. Sometimes during that period, he went to visit his in-laws somewhere around Osiele, but during that time there was war in Ibadan with the ijesha people led by Ogedengbe.

Ogedengbe usually comes and terrorize the Ibadan soldiers, he periodically comes to (Abeokuta) former Oko Adagba and its environ, they will forcefully invade people, take them into captive and also to loot their farm proceeds. Unknowingly to Adabonyin they were around as usual and on his way back he was overpowered and captured by the Ibadan soldiers. He was taken to Ibadan on the back of a horse with his face downward, on getting to Ibadan, Adabonyin was kept in the cell for several days, but one day they brought Adabonyin out to cut off his head and offer him as sacrifice, they tried this several times but once the person that will cut his head raises his cutlass the hand will be stiff and suspended to the air, one day they repeated this exercise and as usual the man’s hand was suspended to the air a situation that led them into finding out from the oracle who Adabonyin was, the oracle told them that Adabonyin will be their savior and a major helper in their war with Ogedengbe, they immediately released Adabonyin and handed over his fighting tools and his hunters bag to him, he asked for his gun but unfortunately they left his gun where they captured him several months ago, he told them that he will need his gun if they want him to join them in the war.
Ogunmola , being the leader of the Ibadan soldiers commanded that they should go in search of Adabonyin’s gun, they ran back to where they picked Adabonyin from but they could not find his gun, they consulted the oracle again and appease the gods, eventually they got directives from the gods which say, they should send the horse that they used in carrying Adabonyin when they captured him to go back and look for the gun, they released the horse ahead of the soldiers to go in search of the gun and after 90 days the soldiers got to the spot, they met the horse standing right beside the gun, they returned the gun to him (Adabonyin ) in Ibadan.

Fast forward to the eventful day, the ijesha warrior (Ogedengbe Ogbogun gboro) and his soldiers were again on their way to wage war against Ibadan people as usual, the news reached Adabonyin in his hut, he got up and quickly led the Ibadan soldiers to Enu Owa (the city gate between Ibadan and ijesha), sighting Ogedengbe and his soldiers, Adabonyin told the Ibadan soldiers to stay at his back and no one walks pass him, he cocks his gun and at every shot he kills over 100 of Ogedengbe’s soldiers, to cut the long story short, Adabonyin overpowered the ijesha soldiers, this aggravated ogedengbe and he challenged Adabonyin to a one on one fight, on the long run Adabonyin conquered Ogedengbe Agbogun gboro and cut off his (Ogedengbe’s ) head , this situation was what brought about the name and the praise poetry (Oriki), Adabonyin ni popo owa, ayinbo gbi niju olote ogbori ogedengbe agbogun gboro. (ADABONYIN IN OWA GATEWAY, HE WHO FIRES GUN IN THE MIDST OF ENEMIES, HE WHO CUTS OFF THE HEAD OF OGEDENGBE AGBOGUN GBORO). This success was what brought the connection between Adabonyin and Shodeke which made them journey back through odeda to Oko Adagba This was how he founded Orile Kemta Adabonyin, where he settled down with his aides and their families.
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