The Opening of Orile Kemta to Economic Prosperity Through Rural Development Program of Oba Adetokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho

Traditional institution in modern history has being perceived as a mere ceremonial engagement where Traditional Rulers in their various kingdoms look forward to government intervention in their quest for decent living for their subjects.

         The onus has being on the government to provide the people with social amenities and infrastructures like potable water, primary health care system, accessible roads, schools and so on.
          In recent times, the question on the lips of many has being, what can the Traditional rulers do in their various capacities without relying on the Government?
          This question has however being begging for an answer over the years and it is imperative on our path to tell the world what we are doing differently in Orile Kemta.
          Orile Kemta in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, is an agrarian community with numerous communities under the traditional leadership of the Olu Orile Kemta.
          Over the years, community dwellers have been finding it extremely difficult to have access to good roads, potable water, decent health care system and schools.
          When Oba (Amb) Adetokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho came on board as the first Traditional Ruler of Orile Kemta, he evaluated the worrisome state of affairs of his subjects and promptly got to work.
          His first assignment was the rehabilitation of the Schools and erection of boreholes for portable water in his domain. The stylish Monarch has put smile on the faces of his people when he renovated the surviving Primary school Oluga Village to the delight of his subjects, he also presented various scholarship to pupil of Orile Kemta.
          As a Leader with the love of his people Kabiyesi has changed the narratives in the affairs of traditional governance.
          Looking at the myriad of issues he wants to surmount, kabiyesi has donated boreholes to almost all of the villages under his watch, he has taken the bull by the horn by moving around the villages and communities to personally supervise the ongoing projects.
          The recent development among numerous credits to the feathers of Olu Orile Kemta is the opening of the towns and villages under his watch to economic growth and stability, before now, the route leading to Orile Kemta was in a deplorable state, it was almost impossible for vehicles to ply the roads, the rigors of using these roads have been alleviated through creation of a 5.6km road from Olugbo, also some sponsored palliative repairs and grading of other roads for facelift within the communities by the Monarch.
          It is worthy of note to state however that, this phenomenal paradigm shift in the social well-being of the people of Orile Kemta and it’s environ has solely being funded by Oba Adetokunbo Okikiola Tejuosho and all these he has achieved within the space of one year.
          Kabiyesi has being described by his subjects as the Biblical Moses or Joshua who is with the task of leading his people to the Promised land.
           Without sounding hyperbolic, the recent opening of the roads connecting various communities in the Odeda and Obafemi Owode local government areas has placed Orile Kemta as a destination of choice for investors who wants to invest in Ogun State.
          This year’s harvest for farmers would be impressive as they can now have easy access to the markets without going through the stress associated with it in the time pass.
          About 26 communities have been opened to the state capital in Abeokuta and others to Lagos using the new routes opened through the Obafemi Owode local government area.
Looking through the commercial importance of this road project, Erunwon and Akogun communities via Oluga village will become the finest route to Obafemi Owode.
          In Kabiyesi’s personal capacity, he has given a facelift and constructed 3 major bridges on the road leading to Olugbo village which serves other villages like Bada, Bosero, Ogeleje and Deyi Village respectively.
          In his evaluation, the Oba said, he has come to turn the stories around for his people. He is bringing life and taste to the once docile Orile Kemta. By his drive for excellence, Kabiyesi has shown the world a different reality from the stereotype portfolios of Traditional rulers.
          On the corridors of this laudable achievement, some of the communities that will be beneficiaries of this development are, Apata Oloko, Akamo, Daboyin, Shodunrun, Shipeolu, Ogbagba Adegbo, Apena Akinsola Aderu and Dagunja Village.
          The road work is still on going and kabiyesi was spotted over the weekend inspecting and brainstorming with the engineers as well as giving encouragement to the workers on site.
Kabiyesi visited the road and various communities for personal assessment and the feedback is quite impressive.
          The pictures and videos show a King who is passionate and aggressive for growth, modern day developments and the betterment of his people.
          With Kabiyesi’s mission to transform Orile Kemta into an El-dorado , we hope the State Government will complement the effort of His Majesty in a bid to bring succour to the people.
          When asked from kabiyesi about the various development going on in his domain, his response was simple and straight and can be quoted as saying “This is a call to service and service to humanity”.

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