Oba Tejuosho Congratulates Otunba Gbenga Daniel at the Opening of His Conference Hotel in Abeokuta And Canvass for other stakeholders to invest and Create Employment in the State.


It is with utmost gladness that I express my heartfelt congratulations to you at the grand opening of this new monument today.

     Truly, our state is lucky enough to be a beneficiary of this edifice. It is certainly a moment of great excitement for everyone within and outside the state.
     I would like to convey my sincere wishes and blessings for this your new ventures, may it blossom beyond expectation.
     I wish you more power, courage and passion to overcome obstacles that come your way. You’ve always been the one who had lots of determination and focus. Wishing you much luck on your new business venture.
     With your determination and perseverance you have won this battle and this shows there is nothing that you cannot overcome, you have proved once again that hard work pays off!  This will contribute to the growth and economy of our dear state.
     I want to use this medium to appeal to other Nigerians most especially investors in Ogun State to follow same trend by investing greatly in Ogun state which on the long run will yield positive result not to people of Ogun State alone but Nigeria as a whole. Investing in ones state has a greater effect than abroad.
     It is also my belief that this is not just a ceremony but a key to socio-econimic development in terms of tourism and Job creation to mention but few.
     It’s not a doubt that this will also create jobs for our people thereby improving our labour force and at the same time reduce unemployment. How could it have been if we have countless people establishing businesses in Ogun State.
     When looking at places for tourism, state or country, there must be well befitting hotels. Check United Arab Emirate, one will agree to the fact that they have lovely hotels. God has bless us in Ogun state for having this.
     All these will be possible if there is a friendly relationship between the government and investors as well as a conducive environment.  This means that government policies must encourage more people to invest. This is the  only way we can build our dear state together.
     Indeed, this great achievement has done immense great contribution to the development of Ogun state and Nigeria as as a whole and is an added venture into the revenue of the state, at the same time creating jobs to many unemployed youths.
    This outstanding  and world class hotel is also a great tourist attraction, It will bring people far and near as well as investors to come and visit our dear Ogun State. It will directly or indirectly bring in more business ventures to our state and increase our IGR.
     Also, we need to mention the fact that ogun state shares border with Lagos state and as such we should tap into the opportunity and make our state a place of rest for people of other neighbouring state every weekend and a place that can match  World Standard in hotel and Tourism.
     We cannot but acknowledge the input of His Excellency,  Governor Dapo Abiodun,  the Executive Governor of Ogun State, we really want to appreciate you for allowing this dream to come to pass. It indeed shows you are a friend to all and at the same time encourage investments which serve as private sector in the state.
     Once again, congratulations to you sir as you will always make us proud.
Long Live OGD!
Long Live Ogun State!!
Long Live Nigeria!!!

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